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Twin Power Premium Engine Oil - 539008 |

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Twin Power Premium Engine Oil - 539008 |

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Product OverviewTwin Power Premium Engine Oil - 539008 |
Twin Power Premium Engine Oil is formulated to protect American V-Twin motorcycle engines under the most extreme operating conditions. Designed with a special additive package to extend engine life and allow for cooler operating temperatures. Meets or exceeds all manufacturers warranty criteria and will not void new vehicle warranty.

• Specially formulated motor oil for American V-Twins

• Superior base stocks provide more consistent viscosity, extreme wear resistance and stability at high temperatures

• Heavy-gauge, wide-mouth bottles make pouring easier

• Meets or exceeds all O.E.M. specifications

• Special additive package that extends engine life

• Boosts performance by allowing the engine to run cooler

• Protects against corrosion, sludge and varnish build-up

• Meets or exceeds all manufacturer's warranty criteria

1 Gallon
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