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Love Jugs Mighty-Mite Cooling Fans Black - MMB |

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Love Jugs Mighty-Mite Cooling Fans Black - MMB |

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Product OverviewLove Jugs Mighty-Mite Cooling Fans Black - MMB |
• Smallest size air cooling system on the market.

• Plug and play wire harness complete with a deutsch plug that plugs into the accessory switch plug on Harley's equipped with that feature. Also included are all electrical parts required if direct battery hook up is preferred.

• Mighty-Mite's also includes a new heavy duty vibration damper that better positions the unit for the strongest and most desired installation.

• Smart engineering assures easy and accurate installation which positions the Mighty-Mite precisely for the ultimate results, the small profile of Mighty-Mite surprises with amazingly powerful air velocity.

• It's not quite the power of the Cool-Master yet is still effective in its engine-cooling abilities.

• Available in flat black and chrome.

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